Awards and Accomplishments

The Family Law Section has been honored as the “Section of the Year” by the State Bar on an incredible six different occasions.  It first received this honor under Nancy F. Lawler (1995-96). During Nancy’s tenure the section grew to be the second largest section among the Bar, and following the path established in that first winning year, the Section has also received the “Section of the Year” honor in the following years under the guidance of the following Chairpersons:

Elizabeth Green Lindsey (2001-02)

Stephen C. Steele (2005-06)

Shiel Edlin (2006-07)

Edward Coleman (2008-09)

Gary Graham (2017 – 2018)

And also significantly, the Section has been awarded the Section Achievement Award twice in the past decade, first under the leadership of Tina Shadix Roddenbery in 2009-10, and then again when Jonathan J. Tuggle chaired the Section in 2013-14.

Several former chairs have also become members of the judiciary. Hon. G. Conley Ingram (1979-80) was a Supreme Court of Georgia Justice prior to serving as a Superior Court judge in Cobb County, and Regina M. Quick (2015-16) was a Superior Court judge in Athens-Clarke County.  Several other chairs have become judges, including Hon. John E. Girardeau (1984-85) of Gainesville, who also is considered the father of the Child Support Guidelines in Georgia. The section’s first female chair, Hon. Elizabeth Glazebrook (1989-90), was a former Superior Court and Juvenile Court judge in the Appalachian Judicial Circuit of North Georgia, and Hon. Martha C. Christian (1993-94) of Macon also became a superior court judge after serving as chair of the Section.

The Section bestows two primary awards upon its most deserving members to recognize outstanding achievement to the Section and to the Bar in general.

Annually, the Section awards the Joseph T. Tuggle Jr. Professionalism Award to the Section member who, for the given year, has most exemplified the aspirational qualities of professionalism in their practice as a lawyer and/or a judge.  In 1999, in recognition of his decades of service to the Section and his unwavering and exceptional professionalism, known to all those who knew and practiced family law during his lifetime, the Section’s professionalism award was renamed to honor Joseph T. Tuggle, who strove to exemplify the ideals of professionalism every day in his thirty-five-year career.  It is only appropriate that Joe Tuggle’s unwavering commitment to professionalism is remembered when the Section gathers for its annual Institute by bestowing the award that now bears his name each and every year.

The other primary award handed out by the Section is the Jack P. Turner Award, which is only bestowed in years when it is determined that a Section member, over the course of his or her career as a lawyer or a judge, has risen to even higher standards in his or her practice.  The Turner Award represents the pinnacle of what all family lawyers should always strive to achieve: Service to the Section and to the Bar in general, an acceptance of that person to hold herself or himself to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, and for his or her overall outstanding achievement to the broader area of family law in the State of Georgia and even beyond.

Recipients of the Jack P. Turner Award, est. 1992

Edward E. Bates Atlanta, 2018    
John C. Mayoue (posthumously) Atlanta, 2017    
Hon. Bensonetta Tipton Lane Atlanta, 2013    
George S. Stern Atlanta, 2012
H. Martin Huddleston Atlanta, 2008
Carl S. Pedigo Savannah, 2007
Hon. Cynthia D. Wright Atlanta, 2006
Christopher D. Olmstead Atlanta, 2005
H. William Sams Augusta, 2003
Hon. G. Conley Ingram Marietta, 2002
Baxter L. Davis Atlanta, 2001
C. Wilbur Warner Jr. Atlanta, 2000
Carl E. Westmoreland Macon, 1997
M.T. Simmons Jr. Decatur, 1994
Jack P. Turner Atlanta, 1987

Recipients of the Joseph T. Tuggle Jr. Professionalism Award, est. 1995
(named for Joseph J. Tuggle in 1999)

Stephen C. Steele 2018
Hon. Jane C. Barwick 2017
Wendy Glasbrenner 2016
Tina Shadix Roddenbery 2015
Kice Stone 2014
Barry B. McGough 2013
Nancy F. Lawler 2012
John Lyndon 2011
Steven J. Harper 2010
Edward E. Bates Jr. 2009
Carol Ann Walker 2008
Jill O. Radwin 2007
Deborah A. Johnson 2006
Hon. Carol W. Hunstein 2005
John C. Mayoue 2004
H. Martin Huddleston 2003
Hon. Louisa Abbot 2002
Hon. Mary E. Staley 2001
Hon. Cynthia D. Wright 2000
Joseph T. Tuggle Jr. 1999
M.T. Simmons Jr. 1998
Debra A. Segal 1997
Hon. Elizabeth R. Glazebrook 1996
Hon. Hilton M. Fuller Jr. 1995


Past Chairs of the Family Law Section

Gary P. Graham Atlanta, 2017-18
Marvin L. Solomiany Atlanta, 2016-17
Regina M. Quick Athens, 2015-16
Rebecca Crumrine Rieder Atlanta, 2014-15
Jonathan J. Tuggle Atlanta, 2013-14
Kelly Anne Miles Gainesville, 2012-13
Randall M. Kessler Atlanta, 2011-12
K. Paul Johnson Savannah, 2010-11
Tina Shadix Roddenbery Atlanta, 2009-10
Edward Coleman Augusta, 2008-09
Kurt Kegel Atlanta, 2007-08
Shiel Edlin Atlanta, 2006-07
Stephen C. Steele Marietta, 2005-06
Richard M. Nolen Atlanta, 2004-05
Thomas F. Allgood Jr. Augusta, 2003-04
Emily S. Bair Atlanta, 2002-03
Elizabeth Green Lindsey Atlanta, 2001-02
Robert D. Boyd Atlanta, 2000-01
H. William Sams Augusta, 1999-2000
AnneH. Jarrett Atlanta, 1998-99
Carl S. Pedigo Jr. Savannah, 1997-98
Joseph T. Tuggle Dalton, 1996-97
Nancy F. Lawler Atlanta, 1995-96
Richard W. Schiffman Jr. Atlanta, 1994-95
Hon. Martha C. Christian Macon, 1993-94
John C. Mayoue Atlanta, 1992-93
H. Martin Huddleston Decatur, 1991-92
Christopher D. Olmstead Atlanta, 1990-91
Hon. Elizabeth Glazebrook Jasper, 1989-90
Barry B. McGough Atlanta, 1988-89
Edward E. Bates Jr. Atlanta, 1987-88
Carl Westmoreland Macon, 1986-87
Lawrence B. Custer Marietta, 1985-86
Hon. John E. Girardeau Gainesville, 1984-85
C. Wilbur Warner Jr. Atlanta, 1983-84
M.T. Simmons Jr. Decatur, 1982-83
Kice H. Stone Macon, 1981-82
Paul V. Kilpatrick Jr. Columbus, 1980-81
Hon. G. Conley Ingram Atlanta, 1979-80
Bob Reinhardt Tifton, 1978-79
Jack P. Turner Atlanta, 1977-78